About CKS Solutions

We are a specialized cleaning, demolition and decontamination company located on the south shore of Montreal. Our expertise and competitive prices allow us to serve the Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario. With a client-centered approach, our services are personalized and turnkey to meet all your needs. Contact us now for a free quote.


Don't settle for just any solution. We have successfully provided a full range of specialized services on over 5,000 projects across Eastern Canada.

Value of our Projects

We have worked with many different types of clients and have completed many projects ranging in value from 1K to 1M dollars.

1K – 1M
Years of Experience

Our management team are experienced professionals with over 30 years of combined service.

30+ Years

Leadership Team

CKS Solutions was created in 2021, by a group of 3 colleagues who are passionate about specialized cleaning, demolition and decontamination. Our goal is to help people and companies by offering quality services at competitive prices.

Their great knowledge accumulated through the years, in different companies, brought them a common interest to found a company that offers quality services using the best equipment, accessible to all.

Cedric Bourbonnais
President - CEO
Kevin Laframboise
Alain Bourbonnais
Director, Projects and Development

Mission of the company

CKS is about providing the best solutions to your problems, using innovative technologies, products and processes that facilitate production and help maintain facilities by creating a cleaner and safer environment.

No compromise on quality

All of our employees, from the moment they arrive, are taken in charge, trained and evaluated on the standards, specifications and protocols of the tasks and activities they perform. Quality and performance audits are conducted between 2 and 4 times per year. Quality, as well as its maintenance, is an essential criterion at CKS!

Respect of deadlines

Our management team has a strong grasp of deadlines. Our knowledge, work ethic, organization and excellent coordination between the office and the field allows us to deliver projects in an exceptional time frame.

A personalized and turnkey service

Our company values are not based on a higher volume of projects, but on quality and reputation. That's why we listen to our clients, we make sure we understand the problem and offer the best solution at the lowest price. We offer outstanding communication and customer coordination, which allows us to have a personalized service offered 24/7.

Competitive cost

Without ever neglecting health and safety, quality, the environment and deadlines, we guarantee a competitive price that meets your expectations.